Array of Object References in Game Mode is null after being added to

I have an array of Object References in my Game Mode. Then in the Event Begin Play node of my main pawn, I add a reference to self to that array. Later on when I’m trying to access that array from the Game Mode, it’s sized properly, but is filled with nulls instead of object references. For example if I drop 3 of them into the scene, the array will have length 3, but other than being a count of how many there are, it’s worthless to me because all 3 entries are null.

(I’m trying to do this to keep track of all spawned actors of a class instead of using the GetAllActorsOfClass, because apparently that’s slow.)

I created an event in the Game Mode that has an actor input pin, and made the Actor tell the Game Mode add it to the array, instead of the Actor, and now everything works fine.