Array made up of 4 Arrays generating two numbers from different arrays

Hi all,

I have an Array made up 4 Arrays, each containing 6 static meshes. When I set both the Min and Max integer range to 0 it generates 2 random static meshes from the same initial Array (which is what I want). When I change the Min and Max to 0 and 3, it generates 2 static meshes from two different Arrays. How can I get it to stick to one of the Arrays and pick 2 random meshes? I’ve attached an image to help.

Thanks in advance.

i think you will need to make a boolean and an IF statement. you might also need to make a custom event block, which is essentially the same thing as a c++ function. kind of like this?

bool bUseSingleArray;
bUseSingleArray = true;
if (bUseSingleArray)