ARPG Shooter Project

I want to sell my ARPG Shooter project. It was almost a finished game but I wanted to add more stuff and then I worked on other projects and couldn’t get back to it.


  • 9 Maps + 2 Dungeons (All finished)
  • 10 Weapons (All functioning)
  • 25 enemy types (normal, boss, shielded etc)
  • NPC UI
  • 4 Character Skill
  • Level System
  • Currency Gain and Spend System
  • Weapon and Skill Upgrade System

The game is no polished but it’s core aspects are done. It has no quest system and no inventory system. All game is on blueprints.

All assets are from Unreal Engine Marketplace, except some of character models. I made those on Adobe Fuse.

There may be some features I forgot. Please feel free to contact with me here or my e-mail: