ARPG Hide Actors dependent on Story Progression

Hey there.

How exactly would you setup Triggers and NPCs that only activate/are visible dependent on the Story Progression?
I thought about storing a List of Actors within the World Settings (because World Settings exists per Map). When entering the Map, the GameMode iterates this List and spawns the actors dependent on the Story Progression.
(Struct contains Actor Class,Transform etc.)

Are there any other option I could do?

That really depends on your architecture.

Are you spawning them on runtime?If yes then have a simple bool check like “Am I needed?”.
If your answer is no,same solution applies.Trick is bounding actors to phases/quests.Let’s say NPC called Eric the Dragonslayer should appear when “IsDragonSlayed” true.To keep quest completion list you can use your saving system (I believe you already have one for player progression).When player enters the map,map asks for quest list from player and checks for which NPCs are alive.

However if you’re trying to implement some MP functionality,everything changes.