Arkose Labs authentication Massive issues

Arkose Labs authentication is really irritating. Please stop this silly mouse finding cheese rubbish. It sometimes takes 4 minutes to log into one account. If you are to slow start again, mess 1 up start again. It starts with 4 then automatically goes to 10 u have to do. This is crazy and forcing me to work more and more offline. Every program I want to use, Mixer, bridge, Unreal it has this mouse over and over again. Please make it stop:)** Arkose Labs. Which character in the company thought this was a good idea?**
This mouse is giving me nightmares and making using Epics software a bit of a nightmare. Bundle this with bad internet and this turns into a proper nightmare.

AND IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY PUT THE WRONG PASSWORD IN, YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. This needs to be removed immediately. I can deal with the ball rolling or any other captcha, or maybe ONE level of which mouse can’t get to the cheese…

Arkose Labs CAPTCHA = PITA
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I’m too extremely upset with this Arkose nonsense, absolutely buggy with Mixer-Login. I’ve never seen worse in my 35 years in IT.

Hey folks!

I’m the security engineer in charge of deploying and managing our captcha solution. As a result of your feedback we’ve greatly improved the captcha difficulty around Mixer and Bridge so you should be seeing considerably fewer challenges there.

If you’re still encountering issues can you please send an email to [EMAIL=“”] with the following information:

  1. What were you trying to do when you got the security challenge?
  2. What device were you on when you got the challenge?
  3. What was your public IP address when you got the challenge?

If you get another difficult challenge or can reproduce this reliably please send me a screenshot of the top right hand corner of the puzzle, it has an identifier we can use to see why it was so hard.