ARKit Crashing on older iOS Devices

So, I have an ARKit app, which runs perfectly fine on iPhoneX and iPad. But the same app crashes on iPhone7, iPad (6th Gen).

It crashes on Splash Screen and doesn’t event run Event Begin Play. On the iOS device, it doesn’t event show any warning or error popups after crashing.

I build the same app for Android as well and its working perfectly on Android Devices.


I’m also having similar problems in 4.23. In that the iPhone 6 (iOS 12.4) is fine but the iPad 6 (iOS 12.2) just hangs at the launch screen.

I did notice that on the iPhone Start AR Session straight away was a bad idea and caused the app to fall over as soon as it was launched. After putting in a delay (and then replacing with a menu) it works fine.

As for getting it to run on older devices… If anyone has any ideas

That said I’ve just done a test on the AR template in 4.23 which does work on the iPad 6 :¬

Hey Cameron, do you have a pic of the blueprint. What does your modification do after the delay? A menu pops up and you click start AR session?

I had an issue due to GameDNA’s MobileUtils plugin. If you have this installed, uninstall it/don’t use it, as it crashes iOS builds. I wasn’t using any of the functionality but iOS would crash immediately after launching.

It might be a little too late. But I was able to solve this issue and got it working.
The ARKit app that I was working on had a lot of heavy meshes, videos and textures. So it was due to the amount of memory (RAM) that the app was consuming. After down scaling and optimising a bunch of assets, it started working again. And I had a problem with one of the textures. For some reason, it was not working on older iOS devices. Replacing that texture also helped.