Ark survival low FPS reasoning

Hey guys, as most of you that have played Ark know game is rather very demanding on performance side. I tried to de-pick item by item what could be causing the problems of performance but only found a few points to lean on.
I am just wondering if there isnt some substential side of UE4 itself that is causing performance drop, or the multiplayer side that itself is making things run so slow. Obviously the foliage is important part of performance problems. The forests are very big and dense, even trough the trees are LODed substentially it will take a drawing part of alpha on performance hit. Thats ok, but the worying thing is that even if you dont look at plants directly, it does not compund to any performance gain. Looking at massive forest, or looking into sky same performance. Game is all dynamic there is no baked version of landscape to switch on, obviously its not possible to be done since things respawn and you need shadows. Could it be the fact that there is some stuff going on taking large hit on CPU which is causing main problem? GPU shouldnt be problem, especially with todays GPUs on loads of RAM. Perhaps textures arent LODed? I do not see noticable texture poping on main things, they only switch if you decrease settings. If anyone has additional things to point out would be interesting.

What hardware are you using?

You would need to be able to use the UE4 profiler to see what exactly is having the biggest impact on performance, but you probably don’t have access to it in a packaged game. And I don’t know if the mod tool for Arc lets you play with that much.

Ye ofcourse its impossible to use profiler in game, otherwise it would quickly answer my question :slight_smile:

They have custom lighting solution with constantly updating reflection captures which they use not only for reflection, but also for diffuse lighting. Basically each area has a blend between lighting from capture and sky and recalculates these values frequently. My guess this is the main bottleneck + a crazy amount of vegetation

Yes that is good point you have drawn. Especially becouse lighting calculation/implementation stays the same no matter how lower you settings, and even if you look at sky performance impact is still large, so that could aswell be good conclusion on main performance eater.
I am not sure at what peace the reflections are updated, but my guess would be only every few seconds perhaps, which in sense shouldnt make large calculation impact so that would somehow negate it. By the way in regards to feeding lighting to diffuse, are they basically feeding image based lights per reflection probe as opose to using it only per 1 only skylight?