ARK Dev Kit content into Unreal Engine project

Greetings developers.

I recently tried to do a mod with ARK Dev Kit but it is not the same feeling that with the classic Unreal Engine, in addition the ARK Dev Kit runs so slowly it’s painful.

I was wondering if there was a way to take the ARK Dev Kit content (blueprints, animations, …) and export them into a normal Unreal Engine project.

If this is possible, how can I do it ?

I don’t think you can - The normal Engine is designed to handle the core code and everything. We don’t have that. - yet again, I’ve seen some people do some strange things in here and get it to work.

I am going to try to export the assets of ARK Dev Kit into a normal Unreal Project. I mean, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, because after all, the assets of ARK are just assets for Unreal Engine, there is no reason it wouldn’t work.

Meshes, textures, and maybe materials will work. The first two are entirely independent of the engine and it’s version. The materials can/will be iffy on if they cooperate.

BP’s will not work. This is entirely because the code is not available, so either they won’t export, the importation will fail/error/crash the vanilla engine or they simply won’t work because the code behind them won’t work.


Ok, let’s imagine I take the dodo mesh, and the dodo animations. If what you say is true, when I put the dodo in my scene and play, nothing will happen because there is no blueprint code to animate this dodo. Can I write the blueprint code to animate the dodo ?