aribitary orientation/gravity directions for characters + additional feature requests

What’s up with “arbitrary orientation/gravity directions for characters”. This one has the most votes on the trello roadmap board for years now.
I can remember a forumpost in mid 2015:

where this one guy asked.

Since then nothing has changed , its still in the backlog.
This is almost becoming an running gag , like Duke Nukem Forever.

Having the gravitation not “hardcoded” in z-axis into the engine would give the developers so much more creative freedom in terms of movement.
This is probably the most important movement feature they could implement in the engine, but for some strange reason the VR stuff seems way more important to them.

I also would love to see more activity in areas like:

-the level editor (if unity can have something like this then i don’t understand why unreal can’t?)
-better integration of nvida Flex into unreal engine 4 editor (performance and featurewise) for watersimulations in game
-more powerful tools for creating large landscapes and vegetation in general.

It seems,at least to me,that they worked for the last 3 years almost only on graphical improvements like better lighting and shadows and on “gimmicky” stuff like VR.But where is all the gameplayrelated stuff. That should be the stuff that matters.