Argh! Lot's of undocumented changes to netcode in 4.10 :(

Just moved my Multiplayer-heavy project from 4.9 to 4.10 and experiencing a whole host of issues with Multiplayer gameplay, and I’ve found a bunch of new settings that haven’t been documented in the 4.10 release notes.

My first problem was significantly lower-quality rotation replication in FRepMovement, which appears to be because of the new flags that have been added for Quantization (though, there’s no documentation of this in the release notes?) I imagine that a lot of other things have changed too and may also have gone undocumented?

Another issue that’s probably more specific to my project (but an issue that only occurs in 4.10 regardless), is that my client no longer properly initializes a certain widget, though this was never an issue before. I’m a bit worried that lots’ of net-code stuff has changed in favor of optimizing bandwidth, but there’s almost no documentation of the changes. Can somebody please see if they can find one, otherwise I probably face an uphill struggle trying to decipher why certain things aren’t working over the coming weeks.


EDIT: The client-side widget issue is strange, the widget is created - but it never starts ticking as far as I can tell, or if it does, it stops immediately. The only way to get around this right now is to call the tick function from the HUD inside of DrawHud, which is of course not an ideal solution.