Are you aware of the Do Once bug that is collapsed to node?


Before submitting a bug report i would like to find out if you perhaps already have a bug report regarding this issue.
I searched answerhub but could not locate anything. Perhaps my wording is incorrect.

When you collapsed a section of the blueprint to a node, and it contains Do Once nodes… and you change the input of that section, all Do Once nodes inside of it is corrupted throwing errors and they are all then referencing the input nodes of the collapsed graph.

The result is you need to duplicate all those nodes, and rewire them.

Hi Crocopede,

We do not have a bug report in for this yet. Can you please make this a post on the answerhub along with the following information:

Did this occur in a clean project with no additional content?
What specific steps should be taken to reproduce this on our end?
What kind of blueprint did this occur in?

Thank you.

Hi .

Thank you for having a look, wanted to make sure before submitting this.
I submitted the bug report and answered all the questions there… but in short it occurs in blank projects, reproducing it somewhat of a mission, and it occurs in character blueprints and possible others as well but i did not test.

Thanks again.