Are they planning any updates to the input system?

The enhanced Input system seems like a huge step back for me. When it comes to useability and ease of access its atrocious. Copying the layout they provided gives you a folder full of worthless, lets call them IA’s. The hierarchy structure is terrible, and sure you have options, but their in 30 different places. One page, one file. Why is it not?

I would prefer a bubble based system like the blueprints use. Really anything is better than than clicking through 40 different boxes. I enjoyed the simple, G key pressed? Cool, well is shift? Setup they had before, there are only so many keys atm, and while some of these new options might be great for others they just add a tremendous learning curve/dead weight to my shoulders. My game is simple in what it needs from player input whether it be the vr portion or PC.

So I’m wondering if there is any chatter on that. Or maybe I missed the simple version?