Are There Too Many Games?

Epic like to throw out Megajams as a way to cover up their absence and complete lack of engagement on here. So hey, keep the little people busy, so the villagers don’t come with pitchforks. :stuck_out_tongue: So your protest idea sounds interesting. How should we go about it? :thinking:

Overall, I don’t get game jams anyway. Hasn’t everyone got enough work to do on their own projects anyway? Its like living in a nosy neighborhood with over-enthusiatic neighbors coming around to organize dumb events, when all you want is just a bit more sleep! :grin:

I think Jams can be a learning/fun experience for beginners. But I do agree that the Unreal Team has almost no engagement on here other than copy-pasting updates about versions of Ue4/Ue5 or sometimes (rarely) answering question directly to them.

‘Shuter’ ‘jaunder’ :rofl::rofl::rofl:

IDK, we can make a game about how broken the engine is… Doesn’t take much.
With a bit of C++ we can actually make people who run the game BSOD XD

Either way, yes.
Jams of late have been anything BUT a learning experience.

It’s one thing to fight against time to develop something. Quite another to fight against time while getting the stupid engine issues to cooperate in order to obtain something that could potentially win.

To that point:
All of the past winners have been anything but impressive or innovative as Jam games once used to be.
40% of that is due to the bad theme they choose each time… 50% is due to the engine.
Thw remaining 10% is the actual innovation - which realistically I think @Shadowriver is the only person to experience anyway.

Because on top of picking sh*t for themes, epic also can’t seem to stick to their own voting and participating criteria by making winners out of games that have absolutely nothing to do with the theme even remotely…

Either way - assuming the next theme isn’t something so bland that I’d rather keep working my current project, and more to your point… Yes. I should probably keep working on my own stuff since I’m already working around 18/7 as it is.

It can be fun to develop something and get it to work in 7 days (or even 24hr for some jams).
It depends on how much experience you have, I guess.

However, people are just abusing the rules, and literally re-packaging marketplace stuff to create core gameplay without any penalty. So there’s about -100% learning experience in doing that :thinking:

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