Are there settings that could cause a normal map not to load when using "Launch Game" or "Play as Standalone"?

I am trying to figure out why, my normal maps on my character show up just fine when I play the game from within the UE4 Editor, however, whenever I use “Launch Game”, the normal maps aren’t loading. I have tried different sizes and formats, so I don’t think it’s the texture itself. But I can’t figure out why it would just not load the normal map at all. Does anyone have any insight into this?

Edit: a tiling normal map is showing up, but my main normal map is the one that isn’t working. Also, when playing the game from in Editor as Standalone, it doesn’t show up either.


Try packaging the game out instead. I’m suspecting that the assets are not being cooked, which is why they are not being displayed when you Launch Game.

You can also add specific asset directories to cook under Edit->Project Settings->Packaging and expand the dropdown under the Packaging Section. Here you’ll find Additional Asset Directories to Cook, and you can add the directory containing your assets.

It turns out that it was actually to do with the mipmap and texturegroup settings in the texture, for anyone who might have the same issue popping up.
Thank you for your response and help!