Are there any recent tutorials anywhere?

I’m trying to follow the tutorials, and for the most part I can make due when there is an issue, however I’m at an impasse.

I’m working on the tutorial found at: After compiling my code I was hit with over 20 errrors - so - assuming I was the idiot, I copied all the code and pasted it into visual studio. Compiling it verified that I was not an idiot, because there was still 20+ errors.

Are there any other tutorials that I can follow, either here or elsewhere? C++ isn’t my first language, but I know only the basics (e.g I know UTextRenderComponent* is a pointer) and I don’t know enought about Unreal to correct 20+ errors that have little/nothing to do with syntax.

Thanks in advance!!

Well, without seeing the code we can’t really tell you why these errors occured.
And you didn’t say what the error messages actually say so we can’t tell you what you are doing wrong.
If you want us to help you fix the code, we at least either need the part of the code that is causing the issue or the error message, preferably both .:slight_smile:
If you need help identifying where the error is, Visual Studios error message usually tell you in which file the error occured and in which line (like “Error : …] in file someobject.cpp:9” means that in the file someobject.cpp at line 9 an error was found).

What kind of tutorial do you want? Any kind of tutorial of any topic, or tutorials regarding delays, timers and events?

I, literally, posted a link to docs, with a tutorial for version 4.9 and code that is STILL a work in progress. If you get it working without error, and without doing anything further, you’re a God among men. Copied and pasted, as is, it produces 20+ errors that, I assume, no one unfamiliar with the Engine would be able to resolve (especially considering outdated reference). As I stated before - all I’ve got going for me is several other languages. I’m currently working through a couple C++ tutorials, mostly for syntax, so maybe one day soon I’ll be able to fix the docs…but not yet :wink:

Up-to-date tutorials with working code would be nice. Preferably for a first person game, but so long as there is enough working reference it doesn’t really matter. I can pick apart just about anything - but it’s all useless if it doesn’t work to begin with - it’s almost improbable that you’ll learn about ‘harmonics’ or ‘compression’ studying ‘engines’ that don’t function.

Epic just launched an online learning academy, you can check it out here:

If I had to guess, the errors you’re likely getting are either A.) Intellisense errors - which aren’t really errors, they don’t block a compile, they are just annoying; or B.) Missing includes as the include model changed around 4.19 to IWYU (Include What You Use) and many of the tutorials aren’t updated to reflect that.

As Stefan said, if you post the errors we can point you towards how to fix them. Or you can just start with the new video tutorials that Epic has just setup.