Are there any negatives of using Nanite on traditional lower poly models?

I see a lot of talk about Nanite for allowing high fidelity models run well in Unreal Engine 5 but I would like to know if there is any benefit in enabling nanite for traditional low poly models. I noticed in the documentation about Nanite Tools there is a Triangle Threshold you can adjust and the default is 2500 Tris. Is it safe to say anything bellow 2500 triangles is not recommended to use Nanite with or not?

I don’t see any reason why any mesh shouldn’t be enabled using Nanite bellow that default threshold since according to the documentation Nanite handles instances much better than traditional rendering and also the almost no LOD look too with it enabled.

So is there any negatives to using nanite on meshes bellow 2500 triangles? Are there any performance issues that can occur with overly using nanite enabled meshes regardless of triangle count?