Are there any classes that inherit from UObject, which don't use GC?

I read that UE4 actors have to be destroyed manually (if not auto-destroyed via map changes). But I would assume they still use garbage collection, right? But as the topic says: Are there any classes that inherit form UObject, which don’t use any garbage collection?

UObject’s inherently use GC, so no. Any UCLASS is going to have GC. Some UObject’s may add themselves to the Root package (basically forcing them to always have a reference and thus avoid GC entirely), but that’s about it.

Yes, when you destroy an actor, this is marked as pendingToKill, and the GC will take of it, Regarding UObject nothing is outside GC, but you can add a uobject to the root, which will prevent this object to be removed with GC, for example in a plugin, you can create a new UObject with a raw pointer and then added into the root while you initialize your plugin, in this way you can have in a very easy way, a singleton UObject, I did this for a module I have, because I wanted to have the reflection system and iterate over every UProperty inside my class

Thanks for all your replies!