Are the subscription server down?

I subscribed to unreal yesterday and now when I start the launcher it tells me to subscribe again and I am unable to access the marketplace. So I am wondering am I the only one with this problem?

Can you not log into the launcher at all, even after closing/restarting it?

I can login but I can not access the engine from the launcher itself. It looks like this

I am still subscribed when I go to my account settings on the website itself.

What if you try going offline from the main login screen when first opening the launcher. If you’ve installed the engine already, you should still have the option to Launch the engine, sign in or create an account from the Launcher window.

hm, I tried that but I couldn’t access the engine even in the offline mode. I just deleted all my local projects and now it is working again, but I am not so sure if that was the problem to begin with.

I still have the same Issue, have been trying to fix this for a while now … Sort of annoying, I wanna start developping ;D (I did run it already once, but after that I couldn’t access the editor anymore …)

Hello! Please report your issues on the UE4 AnswerHub ( in the Getting Started section. We will be glad to help troubleshoot the issue with you there.
Also, please see this post for additional information that could prove useful.

This is a catch-all error handler that is hopefully fixed already - we’re planning to deploy that fix to a limited audience soonish. A temp workaround might be to close the launcher and open it again as the most likely culprit is the launcher not being able to download the manifest and restarting forces it to try again.