Are the following files allowed to be stored in a public repository

Hi there,

Just want to see if I am potentially breaking any rules. Please take a look at the following repository: link text under the Shaders folder. Are the following files allowed to be there (modified as they are)

  • FluidSurfaceVertexFactory.usf (Based on LocalVertexFactory.usf)
  • FluidSurfaceVertexFactoryCommon.usf (Based on LocalVertexFactoryCommon.usf)
  • PNTessellation.usf and FlatTessellation.usf (Small modifications to work with my plugin)

I only ask since they still contain a large amount of the original code from the engine. If they are not allowed, I will remove immediately.


First of all, thanks for working on the fluid plugin!

The main problem I see with your approach is that it makes it look like our source is under the MIT license. We own the engine source and you own the modifications to it that you made. However by basing it on our code those changes are mixed in the same file.

Legal stuff on our end aside, this is misleading to people that want to use your source as a base to use in an engine other than ours as they would be infringing our copyright. Canon would need to respond on general legal stuff if the following doesn’t work for you.

I think the best flow for everyone would be for you to share it on EpicGames’ Github network as it sidesteps the issues of access and avoids confusion of where / how it can be used.

It is worth noting though that by submitting it there you are transferring ownership to us. We do that to be able to convey usage rights to other users and create a safe sandbox.

I wanted to be explicit about that as you are licensing your changes under the MIT license. If my suggestion is acceptable to you I can guarantee that we will keep your name in the code if we merge it (I am hoping that is your intention :)).

Side note: If we ever forget to properly attribute third party submissions, please let us know and we will fix!

Yes, that’s what I mean :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing a pull request!

Hi Daniel, thanks for taking the time to answer. So best bet is to keep my private forked version of the plugin and remove the public repo?

Is that what you mean by “I think the best flow for everyone would be for you to share it on EpicGames’ Github network”? I am still learning my way around Github (I have already managed to destroy my fork about three times now :S). I am fine with doing that if that is the case.

Also I would love to have to code merged at some point, although it certainly needs a good amount of polish before it reaches that point.

Thanks for the help, I have removed the public repo and will keep all changes to my private branch.

I have a few more features that I want to add that I plan to use in a project of mine, once I have finished them and optimized the code, I will surely put in a pull request.