Are the data tables broken in 4.24?

Hi Guys,

Anyone having issues pulling in CSV files to create data tables in 4.24?

I’ve tried every type of way to make one or save it out and the tables are always empty.

I get the headings, and the names but not the data???

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hey Morphus,

I just tested it in 4.24 and it’s working perfectly fine. Have you tried creating a new table in a different folder? Maybe take a look at your struct to see if everything lines up with your CSV’s headings?

Yea sorry,

I was a muppet and trying to populate arrays with single entries…

My bad.

Thanks for the reply!

“muppet”… hahahahahahahaha, sorry… for some reason that actually made me LOL for real. Glad you figured it out though :wink: