Are PreFabs gone? Help please.

So in UDK, I could get a bunch of static meshes and group them together in a prefab. This would make them act as one mesh. And it would save it in the content browser. So instead of dragging out lots of pieces and then grouping them. It would already be grouped in the content browser, ready to be placed in the level.

Can you no longer do that in UE4?

The Blueprint system serves this purpose now, and allows you to do a whole lot more with it by using construction script to make each instance of a prefab customizable. A quick way to do what you’re looking for is to select a group of actors in your level and then look in the details panel for a button labelled “Replace with composited Blueprint”. Then, if need be, you can edit the Blueprint by opening it up and tweaking how the actors are arranged in the components tab.

Perfect, thank you!