Are poker helper applications "gambling-related" as defined by the EULA ?

From the EULA:

General Restrictions

You may not engage in any activity
with respect to the Licensed
Technology, including as incorporated
into a Product, (1) for any
gambling-related activities or
Products (as defined by law in the
jurisdiction of use); (2) for
operation of nuclear facilities…

Now poker is generally considered gambling, and I do have some poker-related cases in mind:

  1. An application that lists live poker venues / events around you or online poker tournaments / events. It might include visibility promotion for some of the listed sites / venues.
  2. A poker trainer application, not related to any website / live site.
  3. A poker odds calculator, not related to any website / live site.

Are these:
A. considered EULA-breaking ?
B. OK by the EULA ?
C. OK if the law in the country of the producing company does not require a gambling license for it ?
D. another case ?

I think this clarification might help other such projects as well.


I think the key would be the kind of gambling that requires a license or is unlawful (in a particular jurisdiction). So the things you listed probably do not fall into those categories.