Are Menus In The Unreal Engine Embedded Or Rendered?

Pretty much what the title asks. I’ve found a PERFECT free font for my game’s menus but the free licence says that I can only use it in apps if the font is rendered and I can’t use it if it’s embedded in apps.

Widgets are rendered aren’t they? I’ve no idea what the difference is!

Many thanks in advance for any help!

That’s a stupid font license.

They’re essentially saying you can’t use it. By renderered they mean pre-rendered, i.e, to an image or something that you put on a website.

If I use images of the font instead of using the font itself I should be okay using it, shouldn’t I?

On their website it says “Font embedding means including font files inside an electronic document or application”.

And under the heading “Font embedding in apps” it says “If you’re making an application and you’re using my fonts to create a title or some other graphic elements the regular (desktop) license is sufficient.”.

I’ve messaged the guy on Facebook to ask him but I THINK I should be okay if I use his fonts in images rather than typing the font in when creating the Widget thingummybob.