Are material instance parameters totally broken in 4.24.3? Or am I tripping? [SOLVED: tripping]

So I’m following along with a course on generating landscape POM materials, and trying to add 3 material functions with parameter groups inside a landscape shader. So the setup is 3 mat functions with unique param groups, going into a landscape layer blend, into a breakmat attribs, some other stuff happening then reassembling into the outputs. In the training video, when he instances this material, all the param groups are shown: “rock,” “grass” and “gravel” with full access to each in the instance param controls.

In my project, only the first mat function group comes in: “grass”. I have verified all shader group params work individually. When I don’t use the landscape layer blend, plugging directly into the breakmat, the correct params show up for each material function. There are no compiling errors. Is there any kind of known issue with this setup? I have tested this on 2 different machines to see if it’s a DX11 issue. same problem. I even opened the instructors’ provided source files in 4.24.3. Same issue!

This is driving me absolutely nuts. I’m going to try in 4.23.1 next but wondering if this isn’t a HUGE bug in 4.24.3?

EDIT: SO it turns out every material function parameter needs a unique name! I had copy / pasted the material functions and change the params, but didnt know each param had to be unique. I assumed since they had a unique group assigned that wasn’t necessary.