Are copies of the same StaticMesh in the Scene, Instances?

When I copy elements in the scene there is a “(instance)” besides the name in the Details Panel… Are really instances ? so is the same as making instances from a blueprint? Thanks

They are not. You need to use the instancedstatichmesh component for true instancing.

They are only instances in the sense that they share the the same static mesh settings, unless overridden.

Thank you, I will make a Blueprint that will convert real instances using the info from the actor in the scene, and hide the actors, so they will be real instances…

They will only use one object in RAM but if you want to reduce the number of draw calls as well you have to use instancedstaticmesh in Blueprints.

Thank you, I did a BP that reduces the repetead items from the scen and re creates the same actors using instanced static meshes (First I uses Hierarchical but it didn´t gain any fps, using the traditional InstancedStaticMeshe I gain some FPS) Thanks