Are actors fully rendered if they are in the render distance?

I am making an actor that uses instanced meshes in order to make a map and I was wondering if it was better to make multiple actors that render portions of the map or to make a huge one that progressively gets bigger. I don’t if the entire actor will be loaded or only the portion in the render distance. Sorry if I am not using the right terminology. Thank you in advance.

Before I try and answer this, can you clarify when you say ‘map’ do you mean an actual landscape, or do you mean a ‘map’ like a sort of ‘treasure map’?..

IE, are we talking about map in the UE4 sense, or map like a kind of UMG widget?

I’m not sure what you are asking as the header question seems to be different to the body text, so here are several answers. :slight_smile:

It is better to have different meshes make up different sections of the map, so you can use level-streaming to stop rendering bits of the map that you do not currently need, to help performance.

You can use LOD (level of detail) that renders different meshes depending on how far away the player is from the mesh. You can replace highly detailed meshes with less detailed meshes as the player moves further away from it.

Frustum Culling will mean that the game automatically doesn’t render what the player cannot see.

Hopefully one of those (probably the first one) is the answer you are looking for. :slight_smile: