ARCore preview in editor?

Just started playing around with the demo project for ARCore in UE4 on my Pixel but it’s pretty cumbersome to have to build/launch on the phone every time before checking content.

Has anyone tried building a simple scene / blueprint setup that allows you to quickly switch between the real AR version to deploy on the phone and a “fake AR” version that will run in the editor viewport?

When switched to “fake AR”, I imagine you could just put a plane in the scene and treat the regular mouse-controlled camera like the phone view? It’s really just about being able to preview your content at all in the editor.

Or is there an easier way of doing this? Just thought I’d check before spending hours trying to figure this out.

We have the actual AR content scene as a second Level that is loaded in AR via a base AR scene. That base scene contains all the calibrating the ground plane, etc. functionality.

For editor, we also have an editor base level that allows you to fly around the scene using WASD and draw on a fake plane with the mouse to load the AR content scene.

From those wrappers, screen touches and mouse hits are treated the same so we can fly around the virtual AR scene and tap and see how it reacts to camera positions.

Pretty easy setup.