Arcore / AR framework & UE4 : are we collateral damages ?

We’ve been working for more than a year on an ARcore based app - as some of us surely did.
For now, we are stil stuck for months on an old version of the sdk (1.7) that prevents us from going further, and no news at all came with the 4.24 release
Can someone [USER=“1055164”]epıc games[/USER] tell us what’s the next step ? Will it be updated ? Will it be replaced by another framework? When ?
Thank you

It looks like Google had it’s own fork for UE4-ARCore on github. Both Google and Apple wanted Unreal as a powerful tool for their platforms.
But now Google is focused on Unity, because they are not blind and can see how Epic does not show the same commitment to Mobile AR.

Same with ARKit on iOS. Engine Releases proudly announce support for latest ARKit, but only parts are implemented and in practice completely unusable because of bugs.
As usual, absolutely no documentation whatsoever.

No reproaches to Epic’s staff, who might aswell be unsatisfied with the current state. These decisions come from the top ($$$)
This market is currently small, but it is rising and highly innovative. No AAA revenue is expected, but it influences the perception of Unreal Engine as tool for innovative platforms.
To ignore this is baffling, considering the engine’s marketing targeting also small indie developers who cannot have Epic staff fly in to help with obstacles.
The lack of communication with the community is disappointing. No one knows how this will continue.

When Apple introduced ARKit in 2017, with an impressive Demo using Unreal Engine, Tim Sweeney said: "I believe this is truly the start of the mainstream VR and AR revolution that we at Epic have been striving for, and building for, over the course of many years. "

In 2019/2020 using Unreal Engine for Handheld AR is a handicap for growth. What happened?

We can only hope this might lead to some constructive discussion at Epic,
Thank you.