ArchViz Essential Series 1

ArchViz Essential Series #1

Contains 16 different high quality models of furniture with UVW setup for seamless tiling and perfect result of lightmap baking.

The assets are optimized with decent polycount for good graphic performance.

All the material instances are parented to one versatile Master Opaque Material with multiples of parameters control such as

• 2 channel of diffuse texture blending and color and contrast and Fresnel control and etc.

• All input texture can individually adjust contrast and brightness control and coordinates etc.

• Reflection glossiness control and and Fresnel control and etc.

• UV coordinates for each textures scale, rotate, offset and etc.

15 material preset samples produced by the same master material as a small complimentary for understand our material setup.

All the textures come with various range of resolution from 256-2048 for user choose for optimization for their project.

Our objective is to boost visual impact and performance in Unreal Engine 4 pipeline to achieve optimum results in architectural visualizations.

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