Architecture Student Urgently in dire need of Help !!!

Hello I have my graduation project due in 2 days and I was hoping i could render it out in unreal i have modeled everything in 3Ds max I just need a fast and easy to follow guide for importing from max to unreal I have not added any materials in 3Ds max i only create materials with standard material and applied them with their names (( i have downloaded materials for Unreal Engine) Please advise me If i can get to contact any one who is online and can chat with me it would be the best solution I have watched a lot of tutorials but i i think i’m missing something i just need to clarify the steps and what i’m doing wrong, I have tried to import a static mesh ( the topography) from 3dsmax to unreal but it displays all in black color when i click the build button even though I have unwrapped the Uv channel and set it to channel 2 as i have seen in tutorials. If some one can contact me it would be of great help It’s very important for my graduation project which is due in 2 days please help :frowning:

Use Dynamic Lighting for rendering and you won’t have to worry about unwrapping UV correctly
You have topics on the forum about how to use LPV, DFAO or VXGI.

If you really are in a rush, LPV is really simple to activate but the result won’t be so nice looking

Thank you dear sir!!! i will look for those right away! and btw can you tell me also a quick tutorial to set up a night scene? just for some renders as well

If you have Skype I can walk you through it, my Skype is Rickyscar.

That would be amazing bro I will add you now

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