Architecture - Modular Building/Room

Hello Unreal community!

I’m relativly new to the architecture topic in Unreal Engine 4. I know how to model a 3d model in Blender and set up it up in Unreal Engine 4. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube with photorealistic Scenes, where people walk through a room and/or even a whole house modelled by themselves. I will start by the basics and ask you, how should I create a room or a house in a 3d modelling software? In modular pieces? In one piece?

I’m looking forward for some answers. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi Gamekohl,

usally you have something like a blueprint of the building. With it you can start creating the walls. After that you can do the floor and lastly the ceiling.

Usally I create one mesh a wall/floor/ceiling. With it you don’t have to much struggle with lightmap UVs /resolution.

I hope I could help! :slight_smile:

Hello Abou,
Thanks for the answer! What do you mean with a blueprint? Do you mean a blueprint in the Engine or a blueprint like a photo, which I can try to rebuild? And I just came up with another question, if I create e.g. a wall mesh, does this wall need a thickness? I can remember that when you put just a plane into Unreal Engine 4 it will go crazy with the lighting if you trying to build a room with planes.


Typically, you’ll have a top-down diagram of the building, in your 3D software you can trace the walls with a spline and then extrude that up to the height of the wall. I try to make the walls of each room as a separate mesh.
And yes, you want to make both sides of the wall, so there should be some empty space between one side of a wall and the opposite side.

You should look up some house modeling tutorials, the concepts apply to any 3D software.

Hello darthviper107,
thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:


Like @darthviper107 said.

I mean by Blueprint a dokument where the diagram of the building is painted on.