Architectural Scale & Doorways

Hi All,

For the last month I have been struggling with a UE4 Concept and it has taken me until now to think of asking someone about it other than my lecturers be it my Architectural teachers or even my Game Dev. teachers.

I am making a scale model of a home for an Interior Design major project. The only problem is that this particular project has thin doorways. Some of them only 700mm wide. Now it appears that my player model can only pass through the larger doorways when in player mode(first person).

What I want to know is if there is a way I can change/ slim down my player model to pass through these smaller openings?

My game development teachers have suggested changing the sizes of the doorways but as its a major related to my architectural degree that was a completely stupid idea in the minds of my Architectural lecturers…

If anyone had some tips that would be great and very very much appreciated!!!

Sure, and feel free to message me if you have any more questions.

You are going to want to click on your character in the editor, and you will see on the right hand side a set of information: Location, Rotation, and Scale. Simple adjust the scale (X and Y values for width, Z for height) and your character will be slimmer/shorter. Easy fix!