Arch Vis DK2 + LOD's?

At the moment I have a fairly large arch vis environment (30 odd rooms, property is 100m/300ft in length) that has a number of high poly models everywhere. Like a lot people, I’m struggling to reach the recommended 75fps needed for a smooth experience. I was wondering if LOD’s could help improve the fps? I was thinking of using a really tiny 2D quad/plane as the LOD to replace some of the high poly objects like pillows and blankets when the user walks a certain distance away.

Would this work at all? The entire environment is basically static.

System specs:

i7 2600, 32GB ram, GTX 980

Using 4.5.1 with OVR 0.4.3

With hmd sp 100, switching off vsync and various other commands I can hit maybe 40-55 fps depending on the area. At default it’s stuck at the infamous 37.5 fps unless I look at a wall for 60 seconds.

First, there are some known performance issue with Oculus OVR 0.4.3. Switch back to OVR 0.4.2 and make sure you reboot when you do.

I’m assuming you have already looked at all of the other performance in VR threads and suggestions. Before adding LODs, I would do the following.

Make sure all of your lights are static and that none of them are casting dynamic shadows. For Archviz, if you are using Koola’s settings you should not need any dynamic or stationary lights.

If you have good occlusion in your scene, which if it is a building interior you should, add Precomputed Visibility Volumes to your scene to cover all of you walkable areas and enable Precomputed Visibility in your World Settings and then “Build” the level.

If this doesn’t work for you and you have followed all of the other performance in VR advice, then you will need to look at LODs or really digging into performance profiling to see what is preventing you from hitting 75hz.

I was a bit stubborn and managed to force it to work with 0.4.3

  1. Used extend instead of direct to HMD mode and made the rift the primary monitor. That alone bumped the fps up to 40-50 from 37.5

  2. r.hzbocclusion 0 (+ 5 fps)

  3. sg.shadowquality 0 (+10fps - I had 4 movable lights in my scene woops)

  4. r.AmbientOcclusionLevel 0 (+10fps)

Stable 75fps almost everywhere even with a bump up to hmd sp 120