[AR] Is 4.19 Handheld AR template guaranteed to work on all ARCore devices?

Hi Epic,

On this page, you’ll find a list of devices that Google states ARCore is supported:…ported_devices

However, is it guaranteed that Unreal Editor 4.19 will be able to deploy and execute an .apk that will run on each and every one of these devices?

I have read about Samsung Galaxy devices not having a smooth experience with the Handheld AR template. For budget reasons, I’m looking to purchase a second hand Samsung Galaxy A5 device but I don’t want to be stuck with a secondary phone if I can’t develop AR on it.

Does epic test 4.19 against each of these devices?


my mobile (OPPO A71) with (Android 7) not listed, but it can run AR apps made with Unity but Unreal no…!!! What reason?

Bump - Any response to this? Thx

Well, I dont think anyone have tested on all the phones, but perhaps developers could confirm with the phone they are using?

Confirmed: Google Pixel XL with 4.19 (phone is a loaner)

Hi, Huawei Honor 9 LITE is ARCore compatible phone?

Samsung Galaxy S8 confirmed.

It looks like you have to have Oreo 8 to use the ARCore. Is it possible to run it with out having Oreo? The ARCore will not install on older devices.

So you can just root it?

ARCore working on a samsung Galaxy A5 2017 running nougat

Well Unity have 8thwall to help them out with this, but perhaps we dont need that with UE…

I think this might be the cheapest way to get into UE4 AR