AR Android kit not working with moving characters?

I am trying to figure out this AR starter kit. I am just trying to build a proof of concept, I just need to place a single animated character in the scene each time people tap the phone screen.
I started from the Android starter kit tutorial and it works fine if my mesh is static, but if I change the mesh to a skeletal mesh, then it won’t work.
any suggestions are appreciated.

not with the intention to start a fight here, but this community is very slow or just not cooperative.
I have been looking for an answer to this issue for a while and I can find several other people asking for the same but no answer whatsoever.
This is not the first time I saw this, I have a few posts here because I always try to research myself before I ask the community with any other software. I do try to learn from help Docs and all that The Unreal Help docs are very limited in this area, so in this case, the only way to get something resolved is by asking some who knows.
I am not a game developer, I am a visualization artist, I just try to expand what I know with Unreal. I am not asking for the magic button really if it takes a read and pratice I will do it. but some guidance would be really appreciated.

Well for what is worth, at the end I figure out that there was a problem with the bones system I had in my character. I used the auto rig in Mixamo and that created some problem.