Apps and Sales

My team and I are just about ready to launch our first game, but don’t know the best way to handle the finances. We want to launch it for $0.99, but it seems everyone wants 30% of that (Apple, Google Play, PayPal…). After all that comes out of the sales, a $0.99 game would leave us with roughly $0.02 profit… and that’s not after paying taxes on the sale! I’m so confused. I would actually be paying out to release my game. Does anyone have any information I’m missing, or maybe alternative vendors (e.g. to PayPal) that would help us out? Oh, and one more question. I’ve emailed Apple, but they flat out told me they may or may not get back with me. I’ve always hated them… but that’s another story. If I release my game on Google Play, does Apple have title–because I’ve used Unreal Engine–or is that only if I release on the iStore?

You always only pay to everyone directly involved with the sale.

Let’s say you sell via Google play.

You will have to pay Google and epic. But for instance apple or PayPal are not involved in this transaction so they won’t get any money out of this.

Same if you distribute via the app store. That’s epic and apple but not Google.

Mhm, 0,02 profit? How did you calculate that?

Let say you want to sell a game for 0,99€ on iOS. Apple will take from you 0,29(0,30€), because you use their platform to make profit!
Epic Games will take 5% of your profit, for using their engine (which is almost nothing) in this case, -0,04€

Than you have to pay taxes. I dont now how much you need to pay for taxes, but in my case that would be 0,18€

All together calculated i would make from 0,99€, 0,17€ profit.

For 1,80€ i would make 0,83€ profit and so on.

Thats the reason why so many games are f2p and have in app stores…

keep also in mind, that with play store, app store, steam people give you a platform to millions of players!

with the right marketing and the fact that your game has quality you will sell very well!

Dont expect to much! It will take time! Make some good games and get a name out there which stands for quality! After that, you will make money with every game that you create. Look at the big studios… they do the same… thats the good thing the gaming industry! :slight_smile:

So only Apple or Google Play? I though Apple may have some sort of rights to the Engine. I tried contacting them for clarification, but they will not respond.
There is still the problem of Google Play requiring a credit card-accepting service (i.e. PayPal) that would charge a transaction fee. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Apple: $0.30
Google Play: $0.30
PayPal: $0.30 + 2.9% ($0.32)
Epic: $0.05

$0.99-$0.30-$0.30-$0.32-$0.05 = $0.02

I don’t expect much of a profit, especially at the start. However, after taxes, it seems I would be paying out to have people play my game. I must be getting something wrong.

You only pay the 5% royalty when you make over $3000 in a single quarter for epic.

Also a game sold for Apple is not going to have 30 cents taken by google play, it’s one or the other. $0.37 until you hit $3000 then it will be $0.32

Is it necessary to use paypal with google play and apple store? If not that’s another $0.30 saved, I read it only applies to google, so your apple game will make $0.69 or $0.64

As Prometheus88 mentioned above, you only pay to Apple or Google if the game was purchased from their store. You don’t pay to Google if someone buys your game on the Apple App Store and vice versa. So your math is wrong because your taking out $0.30 for both stores from 1 $0.99 sale.

You can think about it this way. If you release a physical product and sell it at both Wal-Mart and Target, you don’t have to pay anything to Target because someone bought the product at Wal-Mart. Hope that helps clear things up.

It does clear things up. Thanks a lot everyone.

BTW. You dont Need to use paypal ;). There are alot alternatives, and on Play store and App. Store the costumer has many Options to Pay, Credit Card, prepaid Card, over their smartphone paycheck etc.

Yeah, only fees if you release on iOS: 30% to Apple, 5% to Epic
Only fees if you release on Android: 30% to Google, 5% to Epic