Applying damage to an actor affects duplicates

My project is oriented around the idea of destroying the world with different types of weather. When I move my storm cloud over a building, (which has a sphere collider attached) it damages that building until the actor is deleted.

My issue is - when applying damage to a building, that damage transfers to the other building actors I have duplicated (outside of my sphere collider) across the map. When the building I initially apply damage to is destroyed, the other duplicate buildings stop receiving damage.

As stated, damage is applied via a sphere collider that follows the player (Thunderstorm cloud) using Unreal’s built in ‘apply damage’ and ‘any damage’ nodes. I only want to damage the buildings within the sphere collider, not the buildings outside of it. How do I tell the engine to separate each actor so their health is damaged respectively?

Building blueprint:

Damage sphere blueprint

Level layout:

I think you might be getting what is happening when jumbled up. It’s not a clear execution chain there. Maybe try this: