Apply Spline to Landscape

I’m trying to get my road to sit flush on my landscape. There are various size gaps between the landscape and my road. I read in the FAQ sheet for splines that the landscape will form itself around the spline when you apply the spline to the landscape with the “Apply To Landscape” button. I can’t find the button. Does anyone know where it’s at? I’m in engine version 4.4. Thanks!!

Hi Michael,

You’ll find that you can affect the raising/lowering in Landscape tools Edit Splines mode. You can choose to do this for selected or all splines.Clicking the buttons multiple times will incrementally raise/lower the landscape to the spline.


Feel free to ask any questions if you’re having issues. :slight_smile:


One thing that I’ve noticed about splines is that if your landscape is sloped you sometimes get a “Gap” between the spline and the landscape. There is a option on the spline control points where you can adjust the rotation of the control points individually which can sometimes help fix this issue. I hope this info helps you out.