Apply Damage

Is it same like here ? If it is, I somehow managed it in c++. But I also wonder why its not being triggered in blueprints.

I ve simple logic that enemy apply damage and BP_SideScroller character do something when gets a damage event.
But in enemy blueprint everything seems ok and when i add print strings on the green tick, logic is fine. But in character blueprint event any damage node is not returning to the print string.
What am i missing?
Thank you for the help.

Hey there,

I think EventAnyDamage does not trigger if the Damage value in ApplyDamage is 0. Maybe that is why you are not getting anything

Yes , i am very embressed for this dummy issue. I set the value but i changed something then. So yes, this is why my damage is zero and (but still wierd) if damage zero there wont be any excecution.

My issue is too dummy :frowning: I re connected the logic which handles the damag amount. So it was returing zero. If it is zero damage system doesnt work. But i think damage system is quite underrated. It can be easly handle by custom events. Because however damage is zero, it should be exacuted.