Apply complex collision to moveable objects?

Seems like if I want complex collision it will only work on static meshes, but if I want it moveable I have to make it simple. How can I make an object moveable by a character but have complex collision? For example a tire, if it is moveable and my character climbs on it, it’s like it’s floating above it rather than falling into it. Or a box, I should be able to climb into a box but yet have it moveable. Also I can’t drop or put objects into something that has only simple collision.

You can use the “Auto convex collision” option under collision in the “static mesh editor” to generate simple convex colliders from the complex shape. It won’t be perfect but it is the only option when you want to simulate that type of object.

You can also manually create the simple colliders from a lot of primitive objects like boxes or capsules either inside the “static mesh editor” or in your favorite modeling program.