application “Epic Games” can’t be opened

I’m trying to run Epic Games Launcher to download and install UE4 on OSX, but after installing app to my Applications folder, trying to run it only brings up message " application “Epic Games” can’t be opened."

I’ve checked log file locations and no logs are left.
only thing I can think of that might matter is that I had an older version of launcher that I checked out about 6 months ago, and hadn’t run it since then. I’d downloaded latest version of launcher from UE website and just extracted it in there, where it didn’t run.

Hi Matariel,

Please take a look at our Launcher Troubleshooting Guide and see if any of information there can help you. If not, please follow instructions towards bottom for getting your dxdiag and Launcher logs. I’ve assigned a member of our staff to look into this for you, and they’ll let you know if they need anything else.

Thanks for reply, but as I mentioned I’m running OS X version of Epic Game Launcher, your troubleshooting guide seems primarily focused on Windows issues, as is your mention of dxdiag.

As for Launcher logs, app doesn’t even launch so can’t even leave a log.
I’m happy to provide OS X Console logs, if that helps.

Hi Matariel,

Feel free to post your console logs as well but could you post your System Specs?

  • Mac: Go to Apple menu and click ‘About This Mac’.

Hi Matariel,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please try suggestion that I mentioned above. Then post back here with requested info.



I was getting same error after downloading launcher and replacing an old copy of it. Rebooting my iMac fixed issue.