Application Development

Hi Guys,

We are exploring engine capabilities on developing applications for both PC / TABLET similarly shown in the video link below which was originally developed inside Unity.


  1. Would it be possible to create animated / dynamic application home screen?
    a) Animated - Popup Menus
    b) Animated - Loading Screen
    c) Roll IN / OUT - Text Animation (seen in After Effects)
    d) Wipe IN / OUT - Animated Transitions

  2. Turntable 3D model
    a) Animate IN / OUT 3d model (3D floor plan with stacked floors and with each floors appearing / animated in with control buttons)
    b) Replace models from a library which can fetch from a online server. (Add new furniture models to the server and application can pull the new models from the library)

  3. Compass Navigation

  4. Image/3D Model Comparison (Side by Side)

  5. Filter 3D models based on specific conditions.

If these requirements can be possibly made inside unreal engine 4.11.2, what are all the areas should we need to dig?

BluePrint? Unreal Motion Graphics? VisualStudio C++?

Learning resources? if any