Apparently I get messages about every post on the forum.What changed?

All of a sudden I find my message box flooded with posts from every thread here in the forum. I subscribed maybe to 3 or 4 threads and have not changed my settings, yet I get flooded with notifications about new posts I never requested. How can I stop this?

Does nobody else see this? I just logged in after a day and find like 40 notifications about posts I allegedly subscribed to

My guess is you inadvertently subscribed to a top level forum section.

Hover the mouse over your username in the upper right and choose “Profile”. Then on the left side you’ll see “Subscriptions” and a number beside it for how many things you are subscribed to. Click it, and review the list.

I’d also recommend looking at your notification settings to see if you could make any changes. User Settings - Unreal Engine Forums