.apk size 155MB


Does anyone have a problem with large .apk builds?

All of the Android tools are installed from the nvidia installer, and everything seems great. The phone get recognized, the build gets created, etc.

Except for the fact that the .apk weights 155MB (+50MB .obb). The same is with Tappy Chicken 4.2, also 155MB, only the .obb is a bit smaller. Both builds with ETC1 setting. The Tappy Chicken from the Google Play is much, much less.

What’s more after the installation the app takes 600MB of storage space.
The whole game content can be seen here: So far it’s just a scene with some low poly meshes and most of them don’t even have textures, just diffuse color. No sounds or whatsoever at this point.

The whole folder with the project is less than 60MB, so… we must be doing something very, very wrong. Any hints?

I have not have a problem with large .apk. Large OBB’s can be a problem if you are compiling with all texture formats and have lots of assets.

The engine code, and scripting is stored in the apk. Not really a helpful answer but it is definitely odd. Tappy chicken should only be about ~30 mb total (For 1 texture format)

Well, I figured it out, everything that was needed was a good night sleep :slight_smile:

It was development build options active that caused the trouble in case if anyone has the same problem in the future. Simple as that.