API docs truncate return types


The new documentation truncates return types in the API documentation. For example:

In UMovieScene | Unreal Engine Documentation

the method signature for UMovieScene::GetBindings() is presented as

[TABLE=“cellspacing: 0”]

const TArray


So you can’t see what type GetBindings() returns, but you can click on the TArray link. But this just takes you to the TArray definition.

If you click on the GetBindings link you can see the actual return type, but it is cumbersome to have to go to the individual method page rather than being able to see the return type in the class summary. There seems to be more than enough space on the page for the method description, and this could word-wrap over multiple lines. The method return type is important when scanning a class to see what methods will return a desired type.

Any chance you could change this?


Thanks for this suggestion! I will pass this along to the appropriate contact here at Epic Games.

Hey philb.animatrik! Thanks again for pointing this out to us. We’ve made some changes based on your recommendations. Please let us know if you spot anything else that we should look into.