APEX Clothing

So I made a model with a hooded cloak that is supposed to flow in the wind and such. I made the cloth an apex cloth and his body a kinematic ragdoll. When I import these to UE4 and apply them as per every tutorial I’ve seen the cloth works, but the character’s body disappears. Anyone ever experience this?

here is a screen of what is happening.

Are you sure that the mesh disappears? -> look very closely if you can see a small “ball” of vertices :slight_smile: + does the cloth part change the size when you apply the apex file?

The cloth doesn’t change size. and I don’t see any clumps or balls of vertices :frowning:

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi Bobericko,

Is this happening with only this specific cloth asset and character or is this anything you make?

Also, make sure to post this on the AnswerHub as well for better coverage. We can try to help there as well. :slight_smile:

If you are able to get this results with a simple mesh make sure to list your detailed repro steps to replicate the issue quickly and see if we can figure out the root of the problem.

Thank you!

Hi there! I have also experienced this. I am exporting my character from , i am also exporting the APEX cloth as cloth, after which in Persona, the character looks ok, all is good. When i import the cloth, the character dissapears, but the cloth stays there, behaving accurately. It may be because they both ( the character mesh and the cloth ) have the same material applied. I will try to use different materials on them, and get back here with the update. Hope it will work.

Yup, it worked :slight_smile: