Apex Clothing help I have a picture to show what is happening

I have an issue on this model i like to apex cloth this for the unreal engine. The flaps where i am pointing at this one solid mesh is where i want to add the cloth effect. I tried and it seem to shrink it where i put the black spot on. I was thinking of spliting the model up but i dont think the spots would match when bones start deforming. Can anyone point me to the right direction on this or give me a quick tip. I would greatly appreciate it.

ok for cloth to work well you will need a lot more polys/triangles on that mesh/flap, if you want to keep that mesh then i would advise you just add some bones and set them to kinematic or simulate in the physics asset

I like to try to use the apex. I cant seem to paint the effects on it. if i separate the part it works but i like to do it at one mesh

as mentioned you need to add more polys to it.

i take it you have watched these video’s PhysX SDK | NVIDIA Developer

if i add more polys to it i cant seem to change the effects of it at all and it glitches to a center point. in the picture with the bones and the black dot is where it compress to.

thanks for the help geodav.

I figure it out. here is my video with the steps i took. probably a better way, if there is i am open ears here.