Apex clothing from Maya not working correctly

I’m trying to export a PhysX scene from Maya (2016, SP6; latest physx plug-in release) to UE4 (4.11) with Apex clothing applied to two skeletal meshes (just a rough test). Everything works perfectly fine in Maya.

I export (Export All) the fbx scene and the PhysX scene. These are my export settings for the PhsyX files:

When I import the mesh in UE4, open up Persona, import the Apex (.apx) files and apply it to the right material slot, the mesh collapse and becomes a thin line of geometry. Where did I go wrong?

Ok, found the problem. Just had to make sure the Output unit matched Maya scene unit (centimeters -> centimeters).

Thanks! It helped me today :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!! This topic really helped me.