Apex Cloth has extremely low frame rates in UE 4.13, does anyone know what the problem is?

Hi guys, I recently downloaded UE 4.13 and converted my project. My averaged fps in UE 4.11 was 31fps with a character that has 3 cloth objects at about a 1500 triangle each. But in UE 4.13 I’m getting an averaged of 5 fps with when all cloth objects are active and 14fps if a single cloth object is active. If I turn off all apex clothing the fps goes up to about 36fps in ue 4.13, that’s the frame rate I usually get in 4.11 if there is no clothing as well.

The fps drop in 4.11 is only 5fps, but in 4.13 its drops more than 30fps. Does anyone know what the problem could be