Anyone willing to share some tips with me for Destructibles?

I’ve been working with destructibles lately, and I’ve been having some issues with ue4’s “Form Extended Structures” I know there used to be a bug regarding this, and it definitely seems like it’s still there… But I guess I’m looking for some advice to setup a building for destruction. Floors, walls, roof, etc.

I tried a brief setup for this using a destructible mesh, but ultimately I ran into UE4’s wonderful bugs. Answerhub link here

Are there any other workarounds or solutions for setting up a destructible building any of you may have tried? I can’t seem to find even a hacky tricky way to get good effects for destroying a building…

Ideally you would make a modular building. The complexity is realy up to you.if you have supporting beams or a more simple approach.

Can you explain what is happening and what you need done differently I will try advise

I did reported a bug to UE4 about the standalone (pie) rotating destructible meshes with support structure enabled this effects 4.14 , 4.15 and 4.16